February 24, 2017

Clues That You May Have A Rothbarts Foot

Clues that you may have a Rothbarts Foot

Rothbarts Foot is an abnormal foot structure that develops before birth.It's very common. In fact, it's estimated that as many as 80% of the world population may have either Rothbarts Foot or another abnormal foot structure that will cause them to have structural difficulties that may lead to chronic pain.

Despite the fact that Rothbarts Foot is so common, very few doctors know of it or are trained to identify it. If you suffer from unrelenting chronic muscle and joint pain, you may have an undiagnosed Rothbarts Foot.

Clues that you may have a Rothbarts Foot.

Here's a video of Professor /Dr. Brian A. Rothbart, the medical researcher credited with discovering this abnormal foot structure, explaining some clues that may indicate you may have a Rothbarts Foot.


Professor /Dr. Brian A. Rothbart also has an article with more information on clues that you may have a Rothbarts Foot on his blog, Curing Chronic Pain.

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